It Is A Slow Process, But Quiting Won’t Speed It Up

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The most difficult stage of any project or undertaking is the beginning. This is the phase were you probably know nothing about the project, business or work, you are just doing it for the first time. At this stage, you are just getting used to the tips, tricks and nitty-gritty of the job and you are suddenly realising it is not as easy as you predicted from the outside.

Your expectations and projections are suddenly crashing in front of you. From your initial calculations, by the second year, you should have made enough money to get a decent apartment, buy a car and date that beautiful girl next door. The speed at which you are growing is not encouraging at all and by this speed, it would probably take more years to even afford a decent house, talk more of a car. So you are considering giving it all up.

The job you just newly started is not as you saw it from the outside, it is very challenging. Physically and mentally it is eating you up. You are struggling to cope, your colleagues are not helping matters, they seem hostile, your boss is over motivating you to fuse in already, the pay is not as much as you guessed and the expenses you make daily to get to work is eating up a good chunk of the pay. this isn’t your initial plan, so you are thinking of quitting.

Patience is a very important virtue in anything you are doing or intend to do. Life is always easier when calculated with the mouth, every projection is easy on paper, getting things done and sticking to the goal is the real challenge. Realise that there is no straight and easy path to winning or success, the way you calculated it in your mind is not the way it would go, you will have to scale hurdles, meander routes, endure harsh weathers, lose and fall, before you slowly begin to get a grip on things.

Do not not give up, don’t shake and falter, if you make it through the early stage, it will get easier as it goes. Endure the hardship out, absorb the stress, give it your best shot. It may not be producing gains right now, but don’t back out. Change the plan, change the technique, alter the route but keep the goal constant. It is a slow process but quiting won’t speed it up. keep going, your success is just ahead.

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