Never Believe In Luck Against Hard Work

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Often times I have heard a lot of people, mostly youths arguing that the rich and successful only made it by being lucky. They insist that what separates the wealthy and influential in the society from the poor is mere luck. In their own language “na luck na him make am hammer” and instead of working hard and smart, looking for more challenging opportunities to better thier lives, they wait on luck and keep nursing the fantasy ambition of “hammer”.

While we need a bit of luck in everything we do as humans, no one has ever made it by sitting in thier couch and having luck deposit millions into thier account. Success is a painstaking process whose final outcome depends on every step you take from the beginning to the end, every single step counts.

You start a business, carrier or learn a handiwork, you first have to prove yourself to your ambitions, showing up everyday, hustling and doing whatever the job demands. Strategizing and planning every move, putting in your best effort, being consistent, taking risk, persevering even in the face of trouble and down turn, determination to keep going no matter what, praying and waiting on better opportunities to showcase yourself to the world. Then one day the time comes, the opportunity presents itself and for your consistency, you are there to grab it! Before you know it, you are made only for you to hear people saying you were just lucky!

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a young ambitious person is to believe in luck as against hard work. Even if you are going to be lucky to have an opportunity to be successful, you need to have worked hard enough to put yourself in the position to grab it when it comes. So many have had the chance to become successful but could not take it for thier lazy mentality and attitudes.

Never believe in luck, believe in working hard and smart, believe in finding solutions to problems around you, believing in hustling for your needs, using your strength and brain to get what you want, planning out your strategies and executing them accordingly. If and when the luck comes, you will be physically and mentally ready to take it. Even luck requires intelligence, strength and work to manifest fully.

Don’t sit and wait for when you are going to “hammer”, except for fraudsters, no one makes it that way. Everything was a process, you are only seeing the final result. Do not let hammer fall on your destiny, be guided!

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