Free Yourself From “What People Will Think or Say”

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We live in a world where our lives are shaped by the society. From toddler to adult, we are gradually shaped into what we are by the rules, customs and norms of the community we find around us. From your parents, your neignours, peers and your immediate environment, everyone adds a bit into you as you grow into an adult.

Therefore this subconsciously pushes you towards being mindful of the society and the people around you whenever you intend to do anything. You find that you ask yourself subconsciously, “if I do this, what will will people think or say?”, “what will my family think of me?”, “what will my friends say about me?”, and you continue thinking “if it does not go as planned, the people will laugh at me, they will gossip me and spread rumour everywhere about me”, “they will say I am this and that”. You consider your family, friends, neighbours and the other people who are expecting much from you and you drop the idea.

This is not entirely a bad thing as it is sometimes necessary to checkmate your excesses and stop you from doing really stupid things. However, having to always consider what people will think or say about you before doing anything or living your life will end up making you become mediocre and forcing you into following the crowd, therefore becoming to others what you feared for yourself.

Do not let the society and people tame you into becoming a domestic cat when you were actually meant to be the king of the jungle. If you feel what you are about to do is right, legal and will make you happy, Damn everyone and follow it through. Remember, that majority is saying something does not mean that majority is right, majority can be wrong too. Follow your heart, listen to your instincts and conscience, seek the right advice from the right people and do whatever makes you happy.

When you don’t finally care what people say or think of you, you have reached an awesome level of freedom. Never limit yourself to what people think of you, you have your life to live, they have theirs. Live for yourself and follow your own path. Follow your happiness!

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