Never Be A People Pleaser

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If there is a species that is insatiable, it’s humans. We are not just insatiable but sometimes also come with short memories by default, even if somehow you manage to satisfy a human today, he or she will still come back tomorrow asking for another and if you can’t give, they forget that of yesterday and brand you a stingy person.

Give all you have to others just to see a smile on thier faces and the same people will turn tomorrow to mock you for not having at all or hate you for not giving them enough. Withholding all you have and not giving anyone at all will also get them cursing at you for being too stingy, wicked and inconsiderate. You decide to play in the middle by giving some and keeping some, the ones you did not give will accuse you of hating them, being sectional and choosing sides. Even the ones you gave will still turn to hate you for not giving them everything.

Homo sapiens (humans) are never a species to try to completely please all the time, if you try, you will end up dissatisfied with yourself and hated by everyone. Just do whatever feels good and right to you, express yourself when you feel so, get angry and bite right back when people try to take a bite at you. Give if you want, withhold if you don’t feel like giving, say YES if you are ok and say NO if you don’t feel comfortable. Smile when you are happy and and frown when its derogatory, say it’s WRONG if it is and say it is RIGHT if it is, don’t play on people’s side all the time, you will end up mentally exhausted.

Never try to be a people pleaser, life will pass you by while trying to do that and they will still not like you in the end. Live your life the way you feel and do whatever you like. Even if you decide to lie down for people to walk over you, they will still complain you are not flat enough. Just do whatever pleases you. Never pretend about a thing and don’t fake anything, we are all in the same life and same country, rich or poor, we are passengers of same boat. Just live your life!

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