Be Careful Of Those You Call Friends

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Friends are an important part of human life and social interactions. They are people whom we like and enjoy thier company. We all have friends and they are there, everywhere, at work, home, in the market etc The importance of friends and friendship can’t be over discussed. They keep us company, defend us when necessary, advise us when needed, help us in times of need, cover up for us if need be, merry with us when we celebrate and cry with us when we get hurt. Having a good friend is golden, its like having a part of you exist independently.

However, before you conclude someone is your friend and feel comfortable enough to open up your self and life for him or her, make sure he or she is actually your friend and not an enemy in friendly disguise. Sometimes the village people we complain about every day are not actually people in the village but the people around us who laugh with us every day but will not hesitate to strike when we are not looking.

Furthermore, there are people who do not know what loyalty and dignity means. They do not understand how trustworthiness works, integrity is far away from them and decency is a word they have never heard of. These set of people are the ones who sleep with thier best friend’s husbands, wife, fiance, fiancee, boyfriend, girlfriend etc and they do not mind replacing you in the relationship. They are still the ones who gossip their friends, snitch on them at the slightest opportunity and broadcast everything they were told in confidence and secrecy. They are also the envious and jealous ones who is always secretly angry that thier friends are doing better than them or that their friends have something they have always desired to have and wont hesitate to back stab if opportunity presents itself.

Finally, be very careful those you call friends, whom you call your best friend and the company you keep generally. Some people are wolf in sheep camouflage, turn your back for a minute and they rip off your spinal chord, rendering you immobile. The monitoring spirit you hear about every day are not spirits o, they are the ones who see you every day, who merry with you and know the latest in your life. Make friends, have a best friend, but make sure they are actually what you call them. Not everyone smiling with you is happy with you. Be careful.

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