Surround Yourself With People Of Positive Emotions

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In today’s world were there is negativity everywhere, toxic people are littered everywhere around the planet. People try to use people for selfish gains. Try to hang out on social media, you are insulted and bullied. You cozy up to someone you love and sometimes they begin to feel like your lord and personal savior. Connect with extended family, there is always someone there to pull on your last nerve and try to show you superiority. Even the people you call your friends sometimes for reasons best known to them, tries to pull you down or gossip you about.

However this is in no way trying to generalize that everyone is toxic or negative, no! Sometimes people just get unlucky and find themselves among people that consciously acts in such a way that they make others feel negative emotions. There are a lot of good and caring people around, all you need do is find them and gravitate towards them.

Are you in a relationship were you are physically or mentally abused? Does your circle of friends intimidate or annoy you either by thier actions or countenance? What about your colleagues at work, do they inspire you negatively or positively? What of your social media activities and experiences, do you get bullied and attacked all the time?

If you have found yourself in one or more of the above situation, then you need a change. Surround yourself only with people who give you positive emotions and feelings, people who treat you with love, kindness and respect. You can’t completely avoid negative or toxic people, sometimes they are your colleague, other times they are family. However, you can minimise your interactions with them, that way you feel positive mostly. If your romantic partner has become the source if your pain and its becoming a habit, even as you have tried to rectify things, cut off and move. If your friends are not treating you right, you need new friends. If your colleagues are pulling you around, avoid them and if its social media, block everyone who makes it a struggle for you to enjoy your social media experience.

Finally, we only live once and whether you like it or not, this life you are living currently is your last shot at living. Make it a positive and memorable one. Do not let others decide how you feel. The only people who deserve to be in your life, are the ones that treats you right. Live happy, and stay positive.

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