Every Morning You Have Two Choices

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Everyone wants to be successful, we all want to be able to afford anything we desire. A beautiful house, latest cars, luxury items and gadgets, spend money silly, command some respect with it etc. Everyone wants to be celebrated or at least identify with the celebrated. We want to be given special treatment and privileges at places and events, get noticed and cheered wherever we go, hangout with the rich and famous and be friends with them. Dreaming of being successful is fine, working hard and doing what successful people did to become successful is the challenge.

A lot of people only dream, they never walk the walk. They dream to be this, do that and command those, but when faced with the procedures and work needed to be done to get there, they back out. A lot of the successful people you know have had their fair share of life’s painful blows, they have had to work hard and smart, work round the clock, stay awake until late hours, wake up very early in the morning, only sleeping a few hours. They have tried and failed, then tried again and again until they saw good fortunes, they have stumbled, fell, got mocked, got abused, laughed at and recieved all sorts of insult. Still they kept moving.

It is not enough to dream, dreams alone are useless if you do not work towards it. Dreams and ambitions without work are just fantasies. When you have worked and eventually become successful, you need to work even twice hard to grow your success and maintain your accomplishments. It is easier to become successful than to stay successful, ask your role models.

So every morning you have two choices, either you continue to sleep and fantasize about your dreams, or you wake up and give them a hot chase of thier life. As usual, they would run, but you will not get tired, you may trip and fall, but you will pick yourself up and keep chasing. If you have to lower your speed, do. If you need to jug, do so, just never stop chasing. Adjust your speed, change routes, but don’t stop. Keep doing that which you know how to do best and be consistent in it, your day will eventually come. Success is like a young female, it wants to be caught but needs to be chased. Don’t just dream, get up, go, and your dreams will thank you for it.

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