Everything You Dream Of Is Possible

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Sometimes you could just lay in your small bed and fantasize about this big dream. You could see yourself having all you ever desired, be the boss of that dream company, be a famous superstar and have all the affluence of life. Then you beat yourself to reality and its still just little you with your big dreams.

You could also be with your friends and family and the topic comes up. You tell them how you dream of turning that petty business of yours into a mega enterprise. How you dream of using that talent of yours to become an international celebrity, how you want to win a grand prize or become the president or governor. They touch your neck as though they are checking your temperature and then tell you that your dreams are typical of someone suffering from Malaria.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Most of the popular rich and successful people you look up to in the society today where just like you too. They where just normal and every day people who had big dreams like you. They were told same thing as you and belittled same way. Infact they too never believed how far they would come and even belittled their hustle at some point. They just did not stop trying, they never gave up. They were determined, they worked hard and persisted even in face of difficulty.

Everything you are dreaming of is possible. Every single one of them can come to fruition, your dreams, visions, ideas, fantasies, everything. All you need to do is never say never, keep hustling, don’t be dismayed, keep the determination up, work hard and give your best at all times. Don’t stop dreaming, never stop imagining, change your plans if you must but let the goal remain unchanged. Do all you dare.

Never let anyone persuade you that you can’t. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are too big, if they say so, tell them they are too small to picture it all. It is always impossible until it is done. You can do it, the ones that did it before you don’t have two heads. Just keep working, believing and praying, all you need is a single hit and everything will blow. You never know how close you are to getting all you ever wanted, keep pushing. One day all will fall in place and you will rejoice. Never let anyone tell you you can’t and never belittle yourself. Yes you can.

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