Beware Of Dangerous Beggars!

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Have you ever rendered several helps to someone and got so much praises each time. You were always very proud of yourself after each help, only to later decline rendering another help to the person for some reason and get the abuse of your life? If yes, then you will relate well with this article else, just keep helping, you will get there.

Some people have built their lifes around receiving from others, so much that thier sense of entitlement have reached a dangerous stage. Some have extremely short memories, so short that they only remember the help you gave them minutes after you did. Some persons have been recipients of several helps and in different ways, to the extent that they do not appreciate certain helps anymore. If you encounter any of the above persons, you should take to your heels.

So many people especially ladies have been living thier lives receiving gifts from men and developed an annoying sense of entitlement over time. When you meet them, they ask you for something and you refuse. The way they lash out at you will make you ask yourself if she gave you something to keep for her in the first place.

Have you ever helped a friend who seemed desperate and days later he or she comes back for another and you are like “I thought I gave you some, days back” then he or she goes “that one don pass na, na him you still dey remember? Abegi! Help me if you wan help me, if you no want help me, tell me make I dey go abeg!” And when you get angry and ask them to go, you become thier enemy automatically.

Do you remember any situation where someone asks you for some money and you have pity, reach out to your pocket and give what you can offer to them. Only for them to angrily throw it back at you, demanding with full authority why you will belittle them by giving them such a paltry amount and asking you if you think they are beggars?

These are the set of people i describe as dangerous beggars. If they have a chance to stab you in the face, they will, Just to get what they want from you. I am not saying you should not help people, we all need help and the world runs on help besides, no one is an island. Just becareful while helping, who you help and how, the length you go and how frequent you do so.

When you help someone and they shower praises on you, thank them but don’t get too carried away. Wait until you decline helping them another day and see thier reactions that is when you will know how appreciating they really are. Becareful of dangerous beggars!

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