Recognise Your Blessings, It Mustn’t Come With Money

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Life has become so difficult and the world so materially complicated that it seems most people have gone blind to other beautiful things that make life worth living. It is particularly common in this part of the world where there is prevalence of poverty and everyone is simply just trying to stay afloat.

Pop culture and the entertainment industry are not helping matters as they try to reinforce the behaviour and force it down our subconscious. You hear lines like “If you no get money, hide your face”, “If you are not talking money, then you are talking nonsense”. It seems these days that poverty is a crime.

We are where we are in the country today because some group of persons developed this mentality and became dangerously greedy to the detriment of all. This makes me wonder, have you ever come to imagine what Nigeria would look like if we succeed in installing this mentality in everyone and we all become extremely ambitious?

So many people are unhappy in thier marriages today due to lack of money or not enough of it. They have a loving, caring and respectful partner, they have beautiful kids, they have a wonderful family, they have roof over their head and a little to survive with but they are unhappy because they don’t have “plenty money”.

A lot more people have broken up thier relationships with thier very loving, caring and hardworking partners because the money is taking too long to come. A lot more will not even give you a chance to talk to them, talk more of dating you if they think or perceive you are broke. They push away good men/women and follow money, then later complain men are trash or ladies are difficult. So many have abandoned thier families and moved in with thier friends just because their parents are poor.

Realise and recognise that there are other good things of life apart from money. Success is not just acquiring cash and it is possible for one to have all the money in the world and still end up a failure in life. Recognise the blessings you already have around you and grab the ones coming your way, they don’t have to come with money. Peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment, caring husband, beautiful kids, hardworking parents, co-opretaive family, real friends, good health etc are all blessings too. They don’t have to come factory fitted with money before you appreciate them. Appreciate and be thankful for the blessings you have and maybe others you desire will come later. Don’t pursue money at the expense of your happiness, you may end up a rich sadist who will die with many regrets.

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