Let Go Of Your Past

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We all have a past, some of us have nothing to worry of our past while some of us are not too proud of it. You may have done or involved in some reckless or silly acts in time past, it may be because you were younger and naive, it may be Youthful exuberance, it may be a wild sense of adventure, you might just been plain stupid or you may have been a victim of other’s wickedness. Whatever is it, you seem to be struggling with its memory and scars.

It called past because it has happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Understandably, some things interfere with our normal psychic and affects the way we think. Your past may be a traumatic event, you may have been used in a way unimaginable, abused, assaulted, violated, maltreated, debased or put through hell and the world made it look like it was your fault. Now you are depressed, feel rejected, probably tired of life and thinking you should just end it all. You wish to let go but it’s difficult and you don’t even know how to start. You are actually stronger than you think and that is why you are still alive.

However your past is, either it was something you did or something done to you. You have a whole life in front of you. No matter the weight of your past, or the gravity of sin committed against you, you can pull through it. Realise that you may not be the first to have gone through that, others have been there, they survived and are living thier best life. Realise also that you are not alone, a lot of people may be going through same problem as you right now.


Forgive yourself for all the things that has happened, this is the first step to gaining your freedom. It was not your fault, there is little you could have done about it. Let go of the anger you feel towards yourself, you have punished yourself enough. Cry, grieve, breathe and let go.

Forgive the people that have put you in your present state. They put you through misery, made you feel worthless and kept taunting you until they almost broke you. Its is hard and you want your revenge. Sometimes the best revenge is forgiveness, forgive them! They probably may not know what you are passing through because of them but trust me, karma has kept records and will visit them in due time. Just let your anger towards them go and you will see how lighter you have become.

Pick Up And Move On

Finally, pickup what is left of you, rearrange your self, seek further counselling, speak to a trusted family or friend about it. Just pour your heart out to them and let them help you feel better. Get busy, get a job, try hanging out, make new friends, meet new people and give life another chance. Never be a prisoner of your past, yesterday is gone, today is fresh and tomorrow is beckoning. Forgive yourself, forgive the world, let go and let God deal with it.

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