Find A Way, Not An Excuse

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Life is difficult and that is a clear fact most adults have come to accept as a precondition for living. Be you rich or poor, famous or not, powerful or not, you will get your own dose of life’s venom eventually. It never respects anyone or any status, just like the Big Brother Naija housemates are in Biggies house, and have to play by biggies rules. He can choose to keep you, disqualify, evict or punish you as he deems fit. So we are all in life’s world and it does whatever it chooses.

Understandably, some situations are more complicated than the other, some difficulties are more threatening than others and some people are more incapacitated than others. However, where there is a will, there is also a way and you can also find a way out of that problem. By all means try avoiding excuses or giving reasons why you did not do the things you must, either valid or not.

Problems and difficulties are already part of life. You try to undertake a simple task and everything suddenly turns into a stumbling block, including the people who used to dine with you and cheer for you. That is just the way life goes, you just have to dodge all the blockades and finish your task.

If you have a goal, dream, idea or business you wish to undertake, just go ahead and start doing it with whatever little you have and however little you can. Don’t wait till it is all good and you have all the resources you need. That’s how excuses start. Always find a way to solve your own problems yourself, seek help if you must but just do it.

If you fail to find a way to do what you have to do, you will eventually find an excuse as to why you did not. Once you start failing, your mind automatically starts forming excuses. Do not get me wrong, failure is advantageous sometimes and it teaches valuable lessons for your next undertaking. Sometimes excuses are inevitable, not everything you do will go fine and there will always be a reason why it did not, either it’s your fault or not.

My point is, never allow your downfalls be the end to pursuing your goals and dreams. No matter how many times you fall and how many excuses you already have, just pick yourself up and keep trying. If you have to change ideas or goals, do so but let your dream of succeeding in the end remain unchanged. Let your final statements be stories of how you beat all odds, fell many times and gave many excuses but still stood up and succeeded. Do not let it be an excuse. Keep pushing, you will find a way out in the end.

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