Set Your Own Pace

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The minute you are born into this life is the minute everybody begins to watch you. Your parents, family members, friends, well wishers, not so well wishers, the society, everybody begins to watch you. They watch you cry, crawl, take first steps, run, start school and eventually grow into adulthood. Your parents wish you well so they encourage, tend and fend for you, setting their own expectations as you grow. Family members also set thier expectations for you, good or bad. Your friends set their standards for you, the society sets it own too. Then you go into life with everybody wishing you good, bad or worse.

We grow up with all of this expectations, wanting to make the ones who wish us well proud and disappoint the ones who wish us bad. This creates a lot of adulthood pressure and the pressure sometimes pushes us in the negative direction. We create targets for ourselves and in trying to beat that, sometimes we take the wrong routes and make wrong decisions which ends up proving counter productive.

Do not let’s the pressures of expectations and life push you wrongly. In as much as everybody wants to shine, we all will not shine at the same time. It is ok to start late, it is equally ok to start badly, make mistakes, stumble and fall. Pick up yourself and keep moving. Set your own pace in life, no need to run. Take your own short steps, be different, be unique, be mocked for it. Whatever happens either cheers or jeers, just maintain a level head and move at your own speed.

People will always have something to say, it’s not about you, it’s about them. If you run to fast and fall they would laugh and ridicule you. If run too slow, they would complain. If you succeed, some will love you for it and some will hate you for it. If you fail, same thing. Make sure to swim in your own noise. Never stop improving yourself and being a better version of your yesterday. Forget about what they will say, Set your own standards and adjust as you go. For everything a season, eventually yours will come and everyone will rejoice with you. Take life at your own pace!

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