Always Find A Balance

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It is difficult these days to exhibit good virtues because people tend to take advantage of good people. You try to be nice, you are taken for granted and termed weak. You trust people, you are betrayed and called dumb. You try to be polite, people talk trash at you and make you feel defenseless. You try to be gentle, people trample on you and say you are not smart and strong enough. Therefore the world is filled with mean people trying not to be on the victim side. But must we keep being this way? In as much as life wants us to be bad, we have to find a balance and do good whenever we can. We only need to be careful who we do good to and how we do it, in other not to be taken advantage of.

Be Kind

As much as people may have taken advantage of your kindness in the time past and you felt used and stupid. Never stop being kind when you can and when its needed. There are people out there who genuinely need your kindness. Do not deny them of it because of some unscrupulous and fraudulent persons, someone’s life may depend on it. Becareful not to be used again, confirm that the person really needs your help and go ahead to help. Good deeds have a way of rebounding and you will eventually be rewarded someday.


This is a very sensitive one, one way or the other, we have all been betrayed my someone we have trusted and the pain is not something we like to remember. However, you can’t punish everybody for the mistakes of a few. Trust but verify. Learn to get to know the people around you and check their intentions towards you before you give them your full trust. If you must get things done, you still have to trust somebody. Don let betrayals of a few prevent you from moving ahead in life. Trust anyway, but be careful.

Be Content

In as much as mediocrity is not so encouraged, sometimes you have to take a step back, calculate your gains and losses and be grateful for the things you have. It could have been worse. This is not to say you should not go ahead to keep pursuing your ambitions, but realise that all fingers will never be equal and we will not always have it all. Be grateful for the ones you have and how far you have come, move on knowing you have done your best so far. Don’t let motivational speakers push you into killing yourself just to have it all in life. Success has no singular definition, we are all successful in our own different ways and efforts. Be content.

Finally, in all you do, find a balance in life and live happy, don’t be too good, don’t be too bad. Just find what works for you. Be kind when needed, trust anyway but verify and try to be content with your life. Live happy!

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