Beware Of Them Who Have Nothing To Lose!

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A friend is a person either related or not whom you are well acquainted with, comfortable with, who supports you and whom you enjoy spending time with. Friends are very important to our social and psychological life, as peers they help us grow in all aspects of our life. They know things about us even our parents or siblings don’t know and we tell them things we can not dare to tell our parents. The importance of friends can never be exaggerated.

As much as there are good friends, there are also bad friends, the jealous and envious ones who pretend to be our very good friend but seizes every opportunity to back bite us. The ones who feels everything is working out for you and nothing is working for them. The friends who hang around just to monitor your progress and broadcast every single move you are about to make. The entitled pest friends who always feeds off you, begs and asks you for favours all the time and anyday you refuse, they forget all the things you been doing for them and turn into your enemy. The friends who want to hang around your house even when you are married, starts telling you what you should and should not do in your home, trying appear a good or better person to your husband or wife, making them feel uncomfortable and sometimes going ahead to seduce them or the ones who has helped you very greatly in the past, knows one or two big secrets about you and therefore wants to boss you around for it. Let’s not talk about the ones who feel they are better than you and when good things are coming your way, they feel they deserve it more.

These are the friends who have nothing to loose and will not hesitate to crash everything for you. As important as it is for you to make, have or keep friends, so it is to know their psychological settings, mentality and current mental state ( this is especially if you are just reconnecting with them after a long time of losing contact). This enables you to know how to relate with them, whether to bring them closer or keep them farther. If you lived a rough life in the past and you have moved on now and not really proud of your previous lifestyle, avoid friends from that time, even if you bump into them again, just keep your distance. They may still not have moved on, therefore have nothing to lose and can destroy everything you have managed to build these little time.

In all, avoid friends who have nothing to lose, they are the most dangerous thing next go the devil himself. You already know your enemies and what they are capable of, so they can’t easily hurt you. What about your friends, do you know what they have in mind and what they are capable of? Choose your friends and circle wisely and beware of whom you call your best friend.

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