Control Your Thoughts!

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So many of us ignore the power of our thoughts and how it affects our daily life. We go ahead to react to negative stimuli the way they came to us after we must have given it a negative thought. With all of the negativities happening in the world and immediately around us today thinking positive is easier said than done, it would take change of attitude, practice and time to get used to.

People do not realise that thoughts don’t just end as thoughts, they go ahead to affect the world around you and consequently shape them over time. What happens around you is what forms your thought, what you think forms what you pronounce and what you pronounce affects your life. If for every negative action around you, you choose to think negatively, and then act accordingly, you will see that all that happens around you will always be negative and negative actions will keep coming your way, forcing you to live your life in perpetual sadness. This will go ahead to affect even the people around you because happiness is contagious, so is sadness.

Therefore your quality of life is determined by the quality of your thoughts if you keep thinking negative, only negatives will come your way and you will dwell in sadness, if you think positive, positives will come your way and happiness will always glow around you. Your thoughts also have a direct influence on your perspectives of life, you will always resort to pessimism if your thoughts are always bad and the person with a good thought will always be optimistic about life no matter what happens.

Life is difficult and full of problems, but no matter how bad that problem or difficulty you are facing is, control your thoughts, ignore those actions that always bring you fear, anger and stress, focus on those that gives you joy, contentment and peace. This way you will always be pushed to react positively in any case and it will have a positive influence on the problem, simplifying the way you see it, therefore making it easier to be solved. Think positive, stay happy, now and always!

Think positive stay happy!

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