Avoid Unproductive Regrets!

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Life is a journey that is filled with ups and downs, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it is bad, other times it is inbetween. When it comes to experiences, joy and pain, life is a very fair moderator. It treats everyone the same irrespective of their wealth, background or education. Everyone gets their own fair share of happiness and sorrow, good days and bad days. It is most likely not about you, that is just how life operates.

There are days you will wake up in the morning with no will to do anything at all, you practically have to drag yourself to go to work or do the things you must. That’s just life! There are days you wake up just normal, not too lazy, not too strong, just the average you having to do all you have and There are days you wake up in the morning and it seems a sleep fairy pumped in some energy into you, you finish up everything in record time and even want to do more. Savour it, that’s life.

There are seasons for everything, the rains, the sunshine, the harmattan etc. Do not despise your self just because the sun is too hot on you today, do not regret the days of your hot sun, it’s just there to teach you that life is never a steady race and never a steady feeling, keep doing all you have to and all you must. It’s just its season it wont last for too long and there will be rainfall. Cherish the days of your sunshine, those are your experiences.

When it finally rains, rejoice! Those are your best days, enjoy it, flaunt it, boast of it, dance in it, but do not get carried away, make plans for other seasons because it is never steady. It could get worse and there would be drought, if you did not plan well, those will be the days of your lessons. Do not regret and cry at a spot, learn your lessons and keep doing all you dare. It would still pass.

Do not live a life of regrets for every bad event around you, that prevents you from thinking of a way out of it. You can’t be regretting in a storm when you should be paddling out of it. Good days are good memories, bad days are bad memories, worst days are lessons. They all join to make you who you are. Use the good days wisely, that there is no storm does not mean you should remain happy at a spot in the sea instead of paddling to perpetual safety. Use the bad days even more wisely, that storm you are regretting could push you farther than you would have even paddled, if you work with it. Avoid unproductive regrets.

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