Stop Feeling Ignored and Get Busy

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To be ignored is painful and demeaning, it attacks your ego, making you feel as though you are no longer important and needed. If you have been in a relationship and they begin to ignore you, you may begin to feel used or played and that is completely and humanly normal. Being ignored may also attack your self esteem, making you feel lower than you should and consequently making you get mad or bear grudges at the people ignoring you.

Sometimes people are not really ignoring you or at least they don’t mean to do so consciously, they are just busy with their lives, trying to fix things for themselves. The economy is tough and tightening its nose on everyone, people are trying to keep their heads above water. Others have different struggles to deal with and may not want to bother you. That you see your cousins posting nice hangouts on social media and they are not carrying you along does not mean that all is well with them and they are ignoring you.

That the friends you graduated with no longer calls to check up or hang out with you but you see their updates on social media does not mean they are ignoring you. Adulthood is real and hard sometimes besides social media is not a good place to judge how well and good people are doing. That people are building their lives or trying to be responsible does not mean they are ignoring you they are just finding a way around life. Life is the one ignoring you, not people.

If you are feeling too pained about people ignoring you weather consciously or not then chances are that you are not concentrating on living your life or you are just too less busy you are noticing them all. Channel your attention toward others engaging things around you, get a proper life, find a job if you dont have one.

Stop looking for the attention of people working towards their success when you should be busy concentrating on yours. When you do, you will realise that you do not feel ignored anymore and whenever life permits, you may meet up with them and relieve stories of your struggles while laughing and having fun, you never can tell someone may even start feeling ignored by you.

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