No Need For Revenge, Karma is Here.

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One thing about being deeply hurt or betrayed is that it burns up your heart, eats into you slowly and convinces you that your transgressors need a dose of your pain, so they can feel exactly the way you are feeling and understand the intensity of your pain. It keeps pinching you deep down your soul, while telling you that if you do not do anything about it, you are weak and people will also perceive you as that. It also attacks your ego and advices you that dealing with them is the only way they or any other person will never try such nonsense with you again and that people will fear and respect you more after that.

All the major religions in the world preaches against vengeance especially christianity. They say it is of the lord and that you should leave it for him alone. Forgive, move on and let God fight your battle for you. The major civil laws of most countries in the world forbids revenge in any form, they sternly warn that you should never take laws into your own hands, complain and leave the authorities to handle the rest even though not all crimes against a person can be legally handled especially the ones that has to do with the heart. Moreover, Nigeria’s legal system is too weak to be depended on for proper justice. In as much as I am not here to preach religion or the law, I think the best thing to do no matter the severity of the hurt is to let go and let God Deal with it.

Revenge in itself is self satisfying but mostly violent and because you have been hurt so badly, you want to also inflict an injury on the person so that you become even, very understandable. As anti-logic as it sounds, let go of that vendetta, forgive that person and move on. It clears your heart of all grudges and makes you see things from a clearer view. When you forgive, you save yourself from drowning and entangling yourself in anger, depression, hate and the urge to commit a crime that may end up ruining your life.

Relax, God is still alive and there is a bitch called Karma, it does not fail though it may take time but it will eventually deliver and if you are lucky, God will let you watch it all play out. Let that pain in your heart go and let Karma slowly do its job. You will surely love its work when it is done and it will be more satisfying, trust me.

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