Be Patient, Life Will Eventually Reward You

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One of the hardest virtues in life is patience. It eludes both the young and the old. It is easier to advice someone to be patient than to imbibe it yourself. Sometimes patience is situational, you will have to be in the person’s shoes to understand their lack of it. Patience is especially difficult when there is a time limit or ultimatum to the situation or the subject of contention is limited in number.

You have graduated since several years now, your mates have gotten a job and are living their lives but nothing is coming your way and they say you should be patient. Your business is not doing well and you can barely cater for your family, with debtors harrasing you here and there, you are falling into depression, yet they say be patient. You have marital issues that has lingered for long now, it is eating into your soul and disturbing your sanity but they keep saying be patient.

You are running out of time, people have started making jest of you, all your mates are married with children and menopause is approaching, but they are still advising you to be patient. You try to make a career out of your talent, try severely, gone for a million auditions and tests, they would choose everyone but you, you are fed up and want to end it all, still they say be patient. Married for several years, no child, no pregnancy, family is bad mouthing, neighbours are whispering, time is running fast still the answer is patience?

A million and one scenarios and a million more problems and all the solution requires is patience? Yes! Sometimes life tests us to see how much we can wait for the things we really desire. Patience is the only tool you can use in defeating life and its piercing problems. Life yields to patience, life submits to those who don’t give up, life respects those who keep pushing it, hoping and believing it will all be good one day. Giving up is not the best, depression is not a solution and committing suicide is not an escape route.

This is not to say that you must keep doing that same thing that is not working for you, NO. If it’s not working here, try there, if this way does not seem to work, try that way. If you can’t pass here, what about there, there has to be a way. Keep testing for what will work for you, even if is not the normal, we are not all meant for the normal.

Whatever you do, don’t just give up on yourself, don’t abandon your dreams, don’t run away, don’t resort to crime, something must work for you. Be patient, hope, believe and pray and surely, that sufferings will end, your hustle will pay, the job will come, your career will blossom, you will become pregnant and bear children, that business will stabilize, money will come. Just be patient and life will reward you eventually.

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