Avoid Gossiping Or Speaking Evil Of Others

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Gossip is not entirely a bad thing. in fact, it is an integral part of almost all social interactions and friendly gatherings. We generally have to talk about somebody or something at least. That is the bases of communication. Whether you meet a friend, attend an event, in the office, at work, at the market or in school etc once a discussion comes up, chances are that it is about somebody or something of mutual interest. For partners, couples and friends, it is a very healthy and important part of their communication, it helps them create bonds and have a better understanding of themselves and everyone around them. Therefore gossiping is healthy as far as we know when to draw the curtains.

What is however not healthy at all is speaking evil of someone especially a mutual friend, family or partner in the name of gossip, with the excuse of envy or that you are no longer together, that is in fact witchcraft. That you know too much about someone because they bared their heart to you while the going was good does not give you the right to gossip with it.

That you envy a friend among your clique or a family member, for one selfish reason or the other is not a pass to speak ill of them to the other members of the clique or family. You are no longer with your partner be it girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, work partner, associate, close friend, or even friends with benefit does not mean you should broadcast everything you know about them to anyone who cares to know, that is sorcery.

What you do not realise is that often times, gossiping or speaking ill of someone tells more about you than them. To the person you are telling, it means you can not be trusted, you are a very envious person, you can’t keep secrets and you are capable of harm. All these begins to colour your personality as bad and unfriendly.

Anything you know that if you called go say it in the presence of that person you will stutter or stammer is gossip. Do not say things about someone if you can not defend it or say it in their presence. Anything you obviously say behind someone is gossip and it is bad even if you did not intend to gossip them. If you have nothing good to say, keep mute and avoid speaking at all.

Remember the power of life and death are in the tongue used it wisely and positively and always speak good not evil. Stay positive.

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