…It Will Make You Stronger, Face It!

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Nobody likes suffering for any reason, be it good or bad. If you can achieve or get something easily, then why suffer before getting it. There is an adage in Igbo language that says, “You don’t boast with suffering” it is not a good boast at all. Suffering for a long time gives one the mentality that everything has to be done the hard way.

Challenges are not attractive either, nobody wants challenges and temptations randomly, just to prove that they are tough. It drains you physically, Emotionally, mentally, financially and even spiritually sometimes. Its memory is not forgotten in a hurry as it will always leave its scars as a medal behind.

That is not to say that challenges and suffering don’t come with their own big advantages. Challenges makes you strong when you overcome them. It teaches you a lot of valuable lessons, the ones you get to teach the younger ones around you. It gives invaluable life experiences that benefits you at a later time. It may even allow you meet important persons you may never have met and helps you grow stronger and smarter. The advantages are numerous, it is only by facing and overcoming challenges that we grow stronger and develop thick skin for the negativities around us.

That being said, it is worthy to note that the benefits of challenges come only when we overcome it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, only if it does not kill you, lol. If we don’t face challenges, we won’t grow, it is as simple as that. The more you overcome, the more your evolve and inevitably the more you progress.

If you you are reading this and you are facing one difficulty or the other, just know that it is for the best and life is testing to see how ready you are for your next level, It can only get better after it. Do not fret, do not run, remember victory only comes after a battle and if the iron does not go into fire, it won’t get shaped. If it does not get shaped, it won’t be useful. You are getting refined for greatness, keep moving, victory is ahead.

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