Don’t be Responsible For Someone’s Failure

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Life is very competitive in all directions, that is understandable. There as are about 7 billion people in the whole world, that makes the competition even more scary and stiff. We virtually have to compete for everything jobs, contracts, sales, best grades, love, political positions, money etc.

It is OK to want to knock out your nearest competitor, it is fine if you are wishing your threat away, it is perfectly healthy that you want to outshine all other contestants, that is why it is a contest in the first place and every body is there to win and the goal is to come out victorious. Anything good you do to win is fine, fairly trying to put yourself at an advantage is not a bad thing to do.

However, in as much as taking valid steps to win is fine, trying to pull others down or intentionally pushing them into a great disadvantage is not OK at all and that makes the competition unhealthy. If you find yourself trying to do something to make your rival fail instead of working on your own strategies to win is dubious and unacceptable. If you have a away of making your own light shine brighter it is OK, but blowing out another’s light is evil and unfair because if yours is blown out, you won’t feel good either.

Lastly, remember that in a track race, you do not win by kicking or tripping your fellow sprinters, It’s by outrunning them. So go ahead, compete aggressively if you want, it’s fine. Win it, that’s loadable and commendable, but never be responsible for another’s downfall for that makes you a looser even if you end up winning.

If you have done all you can and you compete fairly and still don’t win, don’t weep, don’t hate, just try again, this time maybe harder. One day you shall be called the champion.

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