Don’t Worry About The Hating Family…

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Family! This name alone is an embodiment of everything lovely, good, bad and sometimes ugly. At the mention of the word family, a surge of emotional memories besiege our minds. In africa here, family is hardly a simple structure even though your direct family might be nuclear. The family is never complete without maternal and paternal uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces grand parents and in some cases the structure may be more complex. With all this branches comes the drama.

There are those who genuinely want you to succeed and try to help. There are those who are indifferent, whether you do or don’t, they dont care. They are those who never want you to get anything right in life. They smile at you, pretend as though they care for you, try to be closer and sometimes advice you. Little would you know that they are into all that just to check and even checkmate your progress. There are those who outrightly hate you and put it to your face. Nothing you do seems right to them, you make a mistake, they capitalize on it to eat you up raw.

Never worry about these set of sadistic and pretending family members. They should not bother you, ignore the ones who ignore you, love the ones who love you, go about your daily life, give your best to everything, keep pushing anyway, you only can determine your destiny and remember that nothing pains these set of people more than your success.

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